This Airport Gym Helps To Keep Travelers Fit

Airport Gym

Check out this article on a gym inside the airport that allows you to get in some pre-flight fitness.

As a dedicated gym rat, I’ll do pretty much anything to get a workout in—I’ve improvised entire circuits using water bottles for dumbbells when I didn’t have access to a gym. So as much as I love traveling, it does take me away from my beloved weights and go-to cardio machine a bit too long. And sometimes I’m stuck in the airport with a layover or delay and would kill to have to have an opportunity to move my body between long stints in a seat.

That’s why I was excited to hear about Roam Fitness, the full-service gym located inside Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport. It’s the first gym in a U.S. airport inside the security checkpoint, and the company plans to have 20 locations (in both domestic and international airports) within five years. I’ve dreamed about airports having gyms for years, so when I first heard about Roam, my initial reaction was “It’s about time.” My next reaction? Gratitude—their first location was in my local airport. BWI is just up the road from me in Washington, D.C., which meant that I’d have the opportunity to try it soon—and see if it was worth the $25 day pass.

Earlier this month, I traveled to Los Angeles with my fiancé. We were on a direct flight, so I decided I’d try to fit in a workout at Roam before boarding my 8:20 A.M. flight. These were my takeaways. Read the full article here.

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