Say Goodbye To Hangovers With VES Vodka & Gin

VES Vodka & Gin

Face it, pretty much everyone of us that has had a long night of partying and drinking have waken up to a massive hangover. Well Darryl Tombleson (CEO) and the people over at VES Vodka & Gin are looking to help stop all that with their newly renamed all natural beverages.

VES Vodka & Gin is made with a sugar cane base grown in nutrient dense soil that is infused with B and C vitamins. Despite being grown with the sugar cane base and having a mild citrus flavor with no bite, the drinks are GREAT tasting and not sweet. Definitely something you can drink without mixing or a chaser.

The spirits’ claim to being hangover free is in the fact that it uses the vitamin enriched ingredients, and that it is distilled more intensely than typical gins, thereby removing more harmful impurities. The vitamins also help to avoid dehydration, which we know is another huge key in avoiding those God awful headaches.

For now VES Vodka & Gin is only available in certain markets and for corporate events, but the company is looking forward to releasing to the public in the coming months. Until then be sure to give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook, and be looking out for their upcoming reality show, and non-alcoholic anti aging mineral water to be coming soon!

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