How To Wear Joggers – A Guide from Fashion Beans

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Check out this guide on how to wear joggers from the people over at Fashion Beans.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, eating beetles for protein and washing in a muddy stream, you’ve no doubt noticed that menswear, as we know it, has undergone a transformation on a pretty fundamental level.

Tailoring has relaxed, men’s dress codes have become blurred, and the smartening up of sportswear has left bouncers at nightclubs all over the world scratching their big, round, boiled ham heads in confusion at the prospect of having to revise their “no trainers” policies.

Joggers are one of the critical items leading the charge during this pivotal era in menswear, and as men’s fashion mavericks continue to experiment with them, they are becoming ever more ingrained into the modern guy’s wardrobe.

The combination of a blazer, sweatpants and dress shoes was not long ago a style avenue reserved almost exclusively for old men who sit on park benches, drinking cans and shouting at pigeons. These days, however, you’re just as likely to see a similar look adorning the gents on the front row at fashion week – albeit styled with a touch more panache.


And while the elitists may turn their noses up, scoff and denounce joggers as a fad, it’s worth remembering that people of a similar mindset once said jeans wouldn’t last and that The Beatles were poisoning the minds of the youth. History has a habit of proving them wrong.

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