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Are you passionate about writing? Write for us. We are always looking for creative and passionate writers and journalists who are experts in their respective fields and this is evident by the article they have written for their own site or as a guest writer to other websites. Contributing to Vicious Candy is a great way to demonstrate your professional skills, and make money in the process.

Currently we are publishing content in domains like Gear, Music, Sports, Fashion, Style, Technology, Health and Fitness, Movies and Television, Travel, Finance and Random topics which are relevant and interesting.

Types of Contribution

Writers can contribute as Guest Bloggers, Authors and Editors.

Guest Bloggers: Writers who are experts in their respective fields, who choose to contribute to Vicious Candy on a one-off basis. They are not regular writers for Vicious Candy; but may publish more than one article.

Authors: They are writers who publish articles on regular basis. They are expected to write content of same standard as Editors and Guest Bloggers. They are considered as part of the Vicious Candy team.

Editors: Editors play an active role in Vicious Candy. As Editors they publish articles, help other Writer and Guest Bloggers to curate their work. They are also responsible for others activities like comment moderation, checking duplicate content etc.

All contributors will be eligible for cash payments, revenue sharing or other fringe benefits.

How It All Works

  • Get Paid up to 90% of all Adsense revenue for your posts for a full year after publication.
  • Payments sent automatically through PayPal.
  • No minimum/maximum payments.
  • Views tracked by Google & you will have access to all reports.
  • You’re allowed two (2) do follow links to your own site.
  • Earn as much as your potential allows you to.
  • Opportunity for sponsored posts.
  • Work directly with our editorial team.
  • Help with keywords and SEO if necessary.
  • Become a reputable author & have your work viewed by millions!

Requirements To Join

  • Application must be accepted by our editorial team.
  • Must write a minimum of 4 articles per month to be considered an Author or Editor.
  • Minimum recommended wording per article is 500-1500 words.
  • Ability to write trending informative articles that will attract viewers.
  • Be a skilled, competitive writer who can and wants to cover shocking/controversial topics.
  • We strongly recommend list articles as they will maximize your potential audiences.
  • Monitor your stats and continuously work towards improving your performance!


If you want to contribute to our community with your wealth of knowledge and ability, enter your information below and we’ll review your work. If we like your style, we’ll contact you.

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