10 Year Old Steals Car from YMCA Picks Up Friends

10 Year Old Steals Car

10 Year Old Steals Car from YMCA Picks Up Friends and More Weird News

Okay she’s not a real baby driver but she definitely doesn’t have any business stealing a car! That’s exactly what the girl allegedly did when she stole the keys of a 46 year old man out of a cubby at the YMCA in Bismarck, ND Monday night. According to police she took the 2009 Pontiac between 7:40 and 8:40 that evening and even stopped to pick up some friends along the way.

She told her friends she was borrowing the car from a friend (um what friend does she have that would let her borrow a car, at that age!), and even threw the man’s iPhone and wallet out of the car while driving. Crazy thing is that they only got caught because someone spotted them on the side of the road trying to change the tire after the girl hit a curb.

The 4’2″ tall, 85 pound girl was cited for theft of a motor vehicle and released to her parents. While the other three female passengers were not cited. Portions of this story was found here.

Kangaroo Punches Boy in the Face

Kangaroo Punches Boy in the Face

In yet another reason why I don’t mess with wildlife, an obviously annoyed Kangaroo takes off on an unsuspecting kid in Australia. The video footage shows the animal punching him dead in the face and hopping off like a schoolyard bully with no remorse. Poor kid, but I bet he’ll remember to guard his grill the next time he’s out in the wild. Video can be seen here.

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