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What Not to Do When Approaching a Woman

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Approaching a woman nowadays can be a very daunting task especially without knowing the definition or signs of flirting. This can be especially tricky when you consider dating a coworker and you are trying to avoid a sexual harassment claim. But doing so does not have to be a hard task and you can do it like a pro with the right guidance. That’s why we have created this post, to show you exactly what not to do when approaching a woman.

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Approaching a Woman Rule #1: Never Act as if You Don’t Care

The first mistake we make is trying to play it cool like we could care less. Everyone wants to be wanted and with women this is especially true. She knows why you’re approaching her so don’t put up a front, it just comes off as fake and no one wants someone who is fake. It’s not that hard to find middle ground between over eager and nonchalant. No one likes an over confident, cocky asshole, but no woman will ever want some scary poodle of a man either, find a happy medium. Being friendly and relatable is much better than coming off as conceited and above it all. Remember to just be genuine and you’ll get better results.

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Approaching a Woman Rule #2: Never Try to Take Her from Her Friends

When a woman is with her friends it’s usually to just hangout and relieve the stress of the week or catch up on the latest news or gossip. Some men will see a woman in a group that they like, approach her, and ignore the rest of the group. This is the absolute wrong thing to do. If the other women in the group are single they may get jealous that no man is giving them that much kind of attention. This made lead to the hating on you and claiming to be tired or bored and ready to go home or somewhere else. Effectively taking the woman you want away with them. Although you are not interested in them, everyone wants to be acknowledged. So the least you can do is introduce yourself to everyone, ask their names, and see if the woman you want initiates a private conversation. If not leave the group by saying goodbye to them all, but make it clear to her that you are available for further conversation, should she have the want and time to do so.

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Approaching a Woman Rule #3: Touching or Groping

It is never okay in a woman’s eyes for you to touch, grab, squeeze or fondle her before you have been given the clue to do so. Not only does this rarely lead to further conversation, but it can lead to an immediate slap in the face or pepper spraying. Think about it, how many times has this technique worked for you in a club, bar or party setting? Chances are that it has worked less than ten percent of the time and it’s for good reason. If you can’t get her attention without touching her then she probably is avoiding you on purpose. Either that or she is actually pre-occupied and doesn’t want or need your distraction right now.

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Approaching a Woman Rule #4: Making Sexual Comments or Innuendos

Women are constantly being hollered at everyday all day and you’d be surprised how many guys come off as just wanting sex. They know you want to have sex with them, and yes they want sex too, but they do not typically have those kinds of conversations with a complete stranger. It makes you look like a creepy, womanizing, sex crazed player and almost guarantees that you won’t be getting any from her.

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Approaching a Woman Rule #5: Send Your Homeboy to Initiate Contact

You ever see the movie The Five Heartbeats? Remember what happened in the beginning when Duck sent JT over to get the girl warmed up for him? Well if haven’t seen it let’s just say he didn’t end up getting her. Women don’t want to feel as though their man doesn’t have the guts to come and ask for himself, it comes off as a sign of weakness and they never want a man they deem to be weak. Furthermore once she realizes you are scared she will most likely find that the guy you sent over may actually be more of her type. Even if he didn’t intend to steal the girl from you that may be what ends up happening. And what’s worse than not getting the girl? Watching your boy get her and then hearing all the details later while on the hoop court. Be a man and go get her yourself.

Well there you have it, five tips for avoiding getting dissed when approaching a woman. Take them into consideration the next time you get ready to ask a girl out.

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