Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block & More


Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block & more essential accessories for men.


Who isn’t tired of throwing away money on high-quality razor blades? The Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block puts a stop to all that by extending the lifespan of your razor cartridge by 5-7 times. Compatible with any cartridge, from the Mach 3 to the Atra, a few passes on Hone alone will renew your blade. The sharpening block is easy on your pocketbook and the environment. It allows you to buy and dispose of fewer cartridges, meaning less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

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Feler Cliff Smog Acetate Sunglasses

Feler Sunglasses Cliff Smog Acetate

Made by hand in Spain, this collection of unique wooden sunglasses from Feler are the perfect new take on a summer staple. In custom designs that protect against even the harshest sunlight, the vivid lenses and sleek frames make for something eye-catching and unusual. Because each piece is handmade, every pair will have slight variations and imperfections, creating a personality all its own.

Available for $101.99 at


Medium Bar Necklace by We Are All Smith

We Are All Smith Medium Bar Necklace

Sometimes the simplest shapes have the most power, celebrating pure form and material. The Medium Bar Necklace makes a sophisticated minimalist statement in raw brass. Showcasing the beauty of raw brass and the potency of honest shape and design, this necklace looks great with any outfit.

Available for $21.99 at


Sterling Ring Necklace by Kenton Michael

Kenton Michael Collection Sterling Ring Necklace

Each piece from the Kenton Michael Collection is a simple piece you can wear with your finest suit, out for the night, or even for a day at the beach. With subtle details and rugged materials, this necklace is an exercise in simple style.

Available for $71.99 at


Rise & Hang Weekender Duffle by Risegear

Rise & Hang Weekender Duffle

The Weekender Duffle is the ideal bag for every weekend warrior, with all the features you need for short- and medium-length trips. Its patent-pending collapsible shelving system keeps your clothes folded and organized, and its underside compartment and zippered pocket offer even more storage possibilities—perfect for separating dirty items from the rest of your clothes or stashing your shoes. If you’re looking for more space, the Weekender’s three outer pockets are perfect for organizing smaller items like hairbrushes, cell phone chargers and keys. The duffle comes with rubberized high-strength steel hooks to keep it off the floor and out of the way!

Available for $74.99 at

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