6 Quick Tips to Help You Step Your Style Up

Are you looking for a way to step your style up? Tired of always looking the same no matter what the event or place you go? Probably not, chances are your lady said something to you about your lack of variety when it comes to style and now you’re looking to make a change. Well whatever your reason for wanting to step your style up, we at Vicious Candy have some ideas to help you with it.

When it comes to style, most of us men are described as one of two things; those that have style and those that don’t. In the eyes of most (including the previously mentioned woman in your life), you either are the type of guy who has it and spends a lot of time and money making it so, or you are completely clueless as to what style really is. If you are in the clueless group, most will assume it is because you just don’t have the money.

Speaking of money, it is a common myth that it takes a lot of money to have great style. This is far from the truth and is a huge reason why we as men don’t usually have the greatest style. But there are a lot of things you can do to step your style up without spending your retirement savings or spending hours putting it together. With a little help from style blogs and bloggers, and a boost of confidence, you can start looking fresh like a million bucks in no time.

Pick One Really Nice Pair of Shoes

Step Your Style Up - Shoes

Not only is a nice pair of shoes noticed by both men and women, but it can be a make or break point of any man’s outfit. Besides something like a spectacular, fitted Navy Blue Suit, nothing else you wear is as likely to get you random compliments from total strangers. Be sure to get you a really good pair and watch your style improve immediately. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on them either but make sure that they are nice, fit well, have traction and most importantly are comfortable and able to be dressed up or down. A pair of black wingtips with a rubber sole and good support is a great choice.

Don’t Get Caught up In Name Brands & Trends

Everyone has their favorite brands whether expensive or not, but just because you like one more than the other doesn’t mean you can’t buy other brands. It also doesn’t mean you have to buy what you see everyone else buying and wearing. It especially doesn’t mean you should be walking around with huge logos showing on everything you wear. People no longer want to be walking billboards so avoid those clothes with huge logos. Instead look for solid color t-shirts, subtle stripes and other patterns that will really show of your sense of style.

Buy High Quality Fabrics

Buying these types of clothing is essential for your wardrobe, and since you are more than likely to machine wash your clothes, a great fabric will last past the first few wears and washes. Once you get used to buying clothing made with quality materials, you will notice the difference and never look back. They feel way more comfortable than what you can get for $5 at your local WalMart or t-shirt outlet, and will go a long way to helping you step your style up.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

It is not the 90’s anymore, you do not look good in those baggy jeans or extra-long t-shirts. The only thing worse than wearing something too big is wearing something too small, so the only viable option is to wear clothes that fit. With your shirts you should be careful that it fits right in the shoulders, as the rest should fall in place everywhere else. With pants be sure the length and rise fits well and if not buy a different pair or get your pants tailored.

Don’t Forget the Socks

Step Your Style Up - Socks

Though this is a very small detail, if worn correctly socks can change your outfit. Some don’t even like to wear them at all and that’s okay, but you definitely need to know when you can go without them and not look like a fool. If you do choose wear socks then know that this is one area where you can really experiment with patterns and colors. Always think about how your socks tie back to what you are wearing and if you can, buy them with specific outfits in mind. Socks are the underdog part of your outfit since they are not seen as much as your shirt or pants. But because people will get a glimpse of them throughout your day (and the most particular women will most definitely see them), you’d be wise to make sure this area is on point.

Accessorize Accordingly

This is a rather simple step in your quest to step your style up but is often misunderstood or overlooked. Yes we all know that you should match colors, textures, belts and shoes to the outfit, but sadly this is often not done by us men. Always buy your accessories with your outfit in mind and stay away from highly contrasting things.

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